Saturday, September 7, 2013

On major content update "mirror symmetry (string theory)" in the English version of Wikipedia

Japanese version

Since the beginning of this month, the contents of the article "mirror symmetry (string theory)" in Wikipedia's English version has been significantly updated. I think that its perspective is turned to the "mathematical" at all. The contents was different from the previous "mirror symmetry (string theory)" from the "physical" viewpoint.

I think that this article's not that bad and it is better to to change the title of the article (for example, "mirror symmetry (mathematics)" so on).

Already, I have been translated this new article into Japanese. In addition, the article from the point of view "physical" earlier remains as a "Appendix". You know immediately if you can see Japanese version.

Fortunately, behind the Japanese version, the English version of the article "Physical" earlier remains still now, so just is commented out, it is possible to revive without difficulty. Firstly, I will revive the former version as Appendix of English new version and after obtaining the consensus of the community I want to change the title of the new article.

I agree completely Mr. Polytope24, who update broadly this article. and I have revived the 1st Aug 2013 version on note in English version, as Appendix in Japanese version. Everybody might update the previous article.

14 Sep. 2013 I have moved the 1st Aug. 2013 version from "Appendix" to the "note" and have translated the whole of current article into Japanese.

I have comment this opinion on the notes column of the article both of Japanese version and English version. The URL of the article is the following.

Mirror symmetry (string theory)(in English)

Mirror symmetry (string theory)(in Japanese)

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